Reading group on Automata, Logics, and Infinite Games

We are reading the book Automata, Logics, and Infinite Games: A guide to current research by Erich Grädel, Wolfgang Thomas, and Thomas Wilke.

The book is available for download as PDFs from here if you access the page via the university library's web proxy.

We have bi-weekly meetings, which are subject to sceduling. For each meeting, everyone reads the relevant part of the book before each meeting, but each meeting will also have a facilitator who will briefly summarize the contents of the chapter and then lead some discussion or present some exercises from the book that we do together etc. The facilitator gets to decide the structure of the meeting as they find fitting. We'll change who is the facilitator in a round-robin schedule where everyone gets an even share of this responsibility.

(Note: Being a facilitator does not mean that you have to deliver any type of lecture and does not mean that you have to understand the topics better than others. It's simply the person who structures the meeting if necessary.)

For attending this course, it will be useful to have some basic background on theory of computation, logic, and proofs.

This reading group welcomes people from all levels of education that are eager to learn about the topic. PhD students can take this as an official course offering 3 credits. For PhD students officaly registered to the course, it is necessary to present at least one or more chapters based on the estimated load.

Additional literature:

The following books offer suplementary material in several topics, which are available for "deep dives", depending on interest.


When What Who
29 - 9 - 2023 Introduction to the course, notation, and preliminaries. Elli
20 - 10 - 2023 Chapter 1: Omega-Automata Hooman